Supernatural results in digital marketing

Svartigaldur is an outstanding online marketing and tech company. We develop software solutions in the online advertising arena and provide advanced online marketing in a more traditional sense.
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Online marketing

Svartigaldur’s staff

When it comes to online marketing, it always pays off to deal with experts. The combined expertise of Svartigaldur’s staff is enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Your digital marketing team in Iceland

Þór Matthíasson - Þróunarstjóri

Þór Matthíasson

Business development
When it comes to search engine marketing we can say with 99.5% certainty that Þór is Iceland’s leading expert in the field. For some reason, his brain doesn’t work like other people’s brains. If the Google Ads platform is a vast, complicated spider web, Þór is the spider that knows it’s way around it. Google ads certified.

Beggi Dan Gunnarsson

We’re scared of saying too much about Beggi since he is an enigma. He’s a whirlwind and has a beautiful brain that works best in a chaotic environment. Beggi is a legendary SEO expert, a musician, and an overall marketing nut.

Reynir Grétarsson - Eigandi og stjórnarmaður

Reynir Grétarsson

Owner and chairman
The founder and owner of Creditinfo Group. Reynir is a professional investor, lawyer, map collector, and entrepreneur. He started his career with hunting mice in the small town of Blönduós and went on to build a fintech company that operates in 30 countries.

Atli Hólmgrímsson - Machine learning / AI

Atli Hólmgrímsson

Machine learning / AI
According to legend, Atli used artificial intelligence to make a pizza recipe containing sweet potato, brie, and beans. According to the same legend, it’s was disgusting and now Atli only uses his talent for good things. Like constructing our really cool new marketing tech.

Eydís Ögn Uffadóttir

Eydís Ögn Uffadottir

Also filed under “the beast”, chief of bugging people (CEBP), and prioritizer. Eydís makes sure our clients are happy and informed. Just call her any time, any day, even Christmas morning (ok, please don’t). Somebody needs to keep our creative and/or introverted minds under control and we’re glad it’s Eydís because she was most likely born wrapped in an excel-sheet and she loves to talk to people. 

What sorcery is this?!

Svartigaldur means “black magic” in Icelandic. We thread the thin line between magic and science and weave it into something beautiful. Svartigaldur is, at its core, a digital marketing agency.

PPC ads

Pay per clicks ads or PPC can be ads on search engines such as Google or ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. PPC can be complicated to execute but here at Svartigaldur we have Iceland’s leading experts.

Content marketing

Having good content on your website is a crucial ingredient to a solid marketing effort. One of our expertise here at Svartigaldur is to research and write quality text that is also SEO friendly. We make sure the right people read your content. We can also send out e-mail newsletters and do other text-related projects for the web.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Naturally, everyone wants to be number one on the Google search result pages (SERPs) but for most keywords nowadays it is highly competitive! One of our hallmark services is to offer quality search engine optimization (SEO). We know all the tricks in the books, both for technical SEO and content SEO.

Social media

A significant pain point for managers and marketing staff is to come up with fun, relevant and engaging content for social media. Svartigaldur offers different service options when it comes to rolling out some great content over a variety of platforms.